About Us

Coastal Lights was conceived on the East Coast of New Zealand in Gisborne where we are blessed to see the first light of each day. Surrounded by a stunning coastline the beach is ‘our place’ where we feel a sense of home and connectedness.

We’ve always enjoyed being creative and through life journeys have always loved candles. A mother to 3 amazing young children, the calming art of candle making and combining the two senses of smell and sight creates a powerful and harmonious ambience.

All Coastal Lights Soy Candles are hand poured in small batches, no more than 10 at a time with attention to detail from sourcing interesting and recycled glassware, to wicking, blending fragrances, pouring and labelling.

Whether to create a warm and cosy atmosphere, light up a summer evening or to draw peace and tranquillity to our busy lives, Coastal Lights Candles will throw light and life grounding us to the moment with fragrant scents and a soft glow.

“Ignite your senses and find joy in the moment”.

Coastal Lights Candles are hand crafted using all natural soy wax, cotton wicks and fine fragrance oils. Made in Wainui Beach, Gisborne, NZ.